Certified Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Professional Foundation Course


The CP3P Foundation Course introduces the PPP concept as an option to procure and manage infrastructure; to scope the term for the purpose of the PPP Certification Program Guide, and to explain its main characteristics. This course also introduces those aspects of PPPs that will be explained further in the rest of the PPP Certification Program Guide. These include the relevance and features of a proper PPP framework and the entire PPP process cycle, including a description of each of the phases that constitutes the process from a practical perspective. This course also helps to create a common ground for terminology regarding PPPs and the PPP process.

The CP3P Foundation Examination tests whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PPP Guide to act as an informed team member of a PPP finance project.

3 – 5 days


Lessons + Exam



  • Introducing and scoping the PPP concept
  • Alternatives for infrastructure finance and procurement. What is and what is not a PPP?
  • Types of PPP and nomenclature issues
  • Where PPPs are used: infrastructure sectors
  • Motivations for using PPPs: caveats, concerns and introduction to the PPP process cycle
  • Typical structure of a PPP
  • How PPPs are financed
  • Reasons for Project failure: the need for sound process management and preparation of projects
  • Introduction to the PPP framework concept and initial framework consideration
  • An overview of the PPP process. Key phases in the PPP process cycle

Who Should Attend?

The CP3P Foundation Course is aimed at individuals who are involved in PPP projects, who require a working knowledge of the key principles of financing PPP projects and who need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the PPP financing structures, as described in the PPP Guide. Other individuals who are interested to obtain CP3P Certificate, including academics and graduate students will find this course beneficial too.


Candidates who pass the CP3P Foundation Examination will be issued with a certificate confirming that candidates have passed the APMG Certified PPP Professional® (CP3P®) Foundation Examination.

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