E-commerce Specialist Programme

The rise of E-commerce across the world is inevitable but also uneven. In spite of the incredible E-commerce growth in China, most emerging markets and developing economies and many developed economies are far from experiencing significant benefits from E-commerce due to knowledge gap and availability of workforce with expertise of conducting online business. The best approach to filling the gap is to train workforce in skill sets of E-commerce. China’s E-commerce lessons are of significant value for the rest of the world. China’s E-commerce experience, characteristic of low investment and high growth, can be first learned and then adopted with contextualisation if necessary in different economies across the world. Similar to its economic and social values in China, E-commerce can simply save consumers’ spending and incubate start-ups in these economies. More importantly, it creates a huge number of diversified and flexible jobs from upstream to downstream partners of e-entrepreneurs to prevent unemployment.


In order to bring China’s experiences in E-commerce to the world, we conducted “E-commerce Specialist Programme” developed together by NIBC and Alibaba Business School to introduce principles and hands-on skills of E-commerce. This program groomed talents in E-commerce industry, suitable for both E-entrepreneurs who wanted to start online business and employees who worked for firms with E-commerce business.

12 days


4 Modules



Module 1: Global E-Commerce Trends and Insights

This module provides the latest trends and insights of the global e-commerce landscape for businesses that want to go global.

Module 2: How to Start an Online Business

This module provides practical tips and best practices to help online merchants focus on getting maximum product engagement and sales conversion rate.

Module 3: Optimizing Your E-Commerce Business with Advanced Techniques

In this module, candidates will gain insights on how to better build e-commerce customer relationship and optimise e-commerce logistics operation.

Module 4: Effective Ways to Grow Your Customers Online

In this module, candidates will gain insights from highly experienced practitioners on how they have grown and multiplied their e-commerce businesses through practical e-commerce sales and marketing strategies.

Who Should Attend?

  • Traditional Retail, which requires digital transformation and/or implementation of E-commerce to their current business model
  • E-commerce retailer, new media, digital service provider
  • Financial investment or technology firm management/executive


E-Commerce Specialist Certificate and/or E-Commerce Professional Certificate jointly awarded by NIBC and Alibaba Business School, upon passing the required assessments.

Program Partner

Alibaba Business School was established on October 31, 2008. It is a school-enterprise cooperation school jointly established by Hangzhou Normal University and Alibaba Group. Jack Ma, a famous alumnus of Hangzhou Normal University and the former chairman of the board of Alibaba Group, became the first chairman and dean of the school. With the mission of cultivating innovative and outstanding management talents and entrepreneurs in the digital economy era, the school is committed to business and management theory innovation and strives to become a benchmark for new business schools. The current dean of the college is Professor Zeng Ming, former director of the Alibaba Group Academic Committee.