Who we are

Nanyang International Business College started out in Singapore, with a goal to build and provide an invaluable lifelong learning platform for all our students and all who wishes to learn and enhance themselves in the global business environment.

Nanyang International Business College adopts a rigorous and pragmatic approach in the learning process for all our business school’s courses to our students, and with our philosophy of education, to promote the Culture of Excellence through our internationalize global business programs.

Nanyang International Business College has established strategic partnership with different organization, higher education and research institution, agency in the Asia-Pacific region to provide quality educational business courses, research programs, which encourage the creation and proliferation of knowledge, and highly practical customized solution to business organization accordingly to their own business environment, which will bring a new horizons, perspectives and thinking to help them face the challenges in the ever-changing environment of the business world.

In sync with our mission to groom the next generation business’s leaders, Nanyang International Business College offered program to individual of all level, from executive to CEO, to help develop their leadership skills, inspire their creativity, and help them to build a network of connections by connecting them together through our program.

Our Vision

To be a highly-regarded new-generation business school


Our Mission

To build an invaluable lifelong learning platform for elites